We offer flexible payment plans with an exquisite option of getting our ushers dressed in theme colour of choice uniquely designed by our stylist in such a way as to meet your event needs. We offer Ushering Services; and we are fluid to meet whatever your demands are. Our ushers are trained under graduates and graduates who have mastered the field of crowd. We are equipped with global best practices in hospitality and the genuine African culture. Our ushers are also committed to enabling you achieve every little detail of your event. At Genwenna we also train young skilled individuals in Event planning, Event Coordination, Vendor Management, Venue Décor and Vendor Selection.


As we know “PUNCTUALITY IS THE SOUL OF BUSINESS, BUSINESS IS THE SOUL OF LIFE”. We undertake training programmes at different levels, to ensure our staffs work to his or her capabilities. This is to ensure that our ushers create an environment in which attendees all over the world who have different functions (sales, marketing, finance, operations and management) have a memorable experience. This company does a lot to give you the best of the best. Our ushers will be well taken care of before the event because we know you ex-
pect so much from us. We give them a sleek look to soothe your events. We also provide an environment in which learning is facilitated and retention is enhanced, this is done because we pay attention to detail.